Monday, January 21, 2019

News @KenTurf

18-Dec-2015 : Our customer Conjoinz hosted the app valet basket in google play store. Now it is available for customers to download. Kenturf helped our customer to develop the mobile app.


25-Nov-2015: Kenturf helped our customer, Conjoinz to launch the service valet basket. Now customers can order the groceries online through Kenturf developed the application for our customer.


3-Nov-2015 : Kenturf launches the innovative reward system solution for the retailers. The app "eazipoints" can be downloaded from google play store.


1-Oct-2015 : Kenturf and Ferrilli Information Group entered an agreement to work together. Kenturf will support Ferrilli's software application developments.


17-Aug-2015 : Kenturf and Conjoinz signed a mutual agreement to work together. Kenturf will develop the software product for Conjoinz.


27-Jul-2015 : Kenturf and World wide supply signed a mutual agreement to work together. As per agreement, Kenturf will develop mobile apps for WWS Products.


22-May-2015 : Kenturf signed a consulting agreement with Eneractive solutions. Kenturf offers consulting,software development, business integration services using data analytics platform. Kenturf engineers will work on IOT(Internet of Things) and big data analytics technology. 


6-May-2015 : Kenturf and Alcatel-Lucent(ALU) signed a mutual agreement to work together. As per the agreement, Kenturf provides software services to ALU.


15-Apr-2015 : Kenturf and Pace Americas,LLC (PACE) signed a mutual agreement to work together. Kenturf supports software development services to Pace's products.


17-Mar-2015 : Kenturf participates Globalcon conference in Philadelphia. Kenturf demonstrates the BEAT(Building Energy Automation Tool) product along with its partner Eneractive Solutions, LLC


1-Oct-2014: Kenturf got a project from New Jersey based healthcare company to develop mobile app and back end software to integrate HIPAA.


15-Sep-2014: Kenturf offshore team moved to Arumbakkam office. It is the state of art infrastructure with the capacity of 40 engineers.


20-Aug-2014: Kenturf and Turnberry Solutions, LLC signed a mutual agreement to worktogether. As per the agreement Kenturf offers software consulting services to Turnberry's customers.


22-May-2014: Kenturf won the project from Eneractive Solutions LLC to develop mobile application for Eneractive's business.


14-Apr-2014:Kenturf got the first employee. Mr. Rajendran became the proud employee of Kenturf


7-Apr-2014: Kenturf Technology Solutions pvt Ltd was founded in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.