Monday, January 21, 2019
CaseStudy2 : Complete software solution for Early Child Intervention Program

Business need

Customer is an independent health care agent providing services for early child intervention program in the US.Currently there are lot of manual effort involved in filling up the therapy service forms to updating in the server, payment, CMO integration, etc. It consumes lot of administrative expenses. Kenturf helps to provide a mobile app and backend software to reduce admin costs.


Technology Design

Presentation Layer
ØjQuery mobile App pages
Business Layer
ØHIPAA logic
Service Layer
ØWCF service
DB Layer
ØEntity Framework  


Customer Benefits

ØReduced the admin effort from 200 hours to 90 hours.
ØOverall $200,000 cost is reduced in a year for one agent.
ØIt is a cloud based server and individual agent can buy the SaaS service.
ØNo initial cost for new agents and no recurring license cost. This helps to win new customers for our customer.
ØManaging highly secured child health data, automation of invoice generation and posting are some of the challenging areas in this project.