Monday, January 21, 2019


CaseStudy1 : Energy Audit App development for a leading energy solutions company

Business need

Customer is performing energy audit for commercial buildings in the US market. Current process involves manual data collection and analyzing through excel sheets. It is time consuming and customer spends 1500 hours for one project. Kenturf developed mobile app to simplify the data collection and energy analysis


Technology Design

Presentation Layer                                                                                                                
ØWindows 8.1 Desktop App
Business Layer
Service Layer
ØWCF service
DB Layer
ØMySQL DB (master DB)
ØSQLite DB (local DB)
ØEntity Framework
Admin Web UI
ØWeb Forms / HTML / CSS/Excel 2013



Customer Benefits


ØReduced the project effort from 1500 hours to 900 hours.


ØUp to 40% cost reduction per ASHRAE level 3 audit.


ØIncreased quality, consistency and accuracy in integrated data


ØIncreased Process Efficiency and security


ØShorter turn around time in achieving energy management goals


ØScalable and resilient systems


ØTransformed our customer as new leader in this market