Monday, January 21, 2019

Complete IT solutions and software development services

KenTurf provides unparalleled service in the integration of cutting-edge Information Technology to our customers globally. A pioneer in empowering businesses in optimizing and streamlining our customer’s engineering and business process through wide range of IT solutions, We formulate and implement IT strategies to fit your needs and also demonstrate value proposition in a company’s IT investment by complementing analytical ideas and accurate analysis of Return on Investment. Our services include

  • IT Consultancy.
  • Technology Integration.
  • Customized Engineering & Business application development
  • Application enhancement
  • Product Development
  • Mobile App development

Kenturf was founded with the single philosophy of "applying the power of software" Our technology expertise are .NET, Mobile App development, JAVA platform. We are specialized in enterprise mobile application development, complete product development, and customization of existing applications. 

The older proverb was “Time is Money”. Now it is - “if you are not investing in innovative technologies to keep up your business productivity, you are losing the edge! If you are not bridging the information and knowledge gap between you and your customers and within the organization, you are losing the edge!

Come talk to us, schedule a consultation! See how KenTurf can support you in realizing your synergic business technology enhancement dreams!

As we are extending our strength in development we came across KenTurf team. They are reliable and their expertise of grasping highly dense and complicated things into small logical parts helped us to visualize and deliver the project on time... Thank you for such a good job. Our client will think we are brilliant and we are, for asking you and your team to help us deliver it.

Mr. Mike CEO,Job Advocate

KenTurf Technology Solutions helped us in developing our eneractive audit application. Their inputs into the design helped us make the most of the technology. They regularly advised us on the end user experience too. The application was delivered efficiently under nerve-wrecking deadlines. We were always offered prompt email and telephonic support. Their services are excellent value for money, work hard to understand and grasp the Client’s business and offer solid support services.

Eneractive Solution